October 5th, 2015

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One of the hardest times of the year to dress for is ALL of September and the start of October. The weather is boots and your new knit in the morning, but by 2 pm it’s like you were just instantly transported to the Sahara. In all honesty, these months cause me major anxiety outfit wise cause you always have to prepare for absolutely everything weather wise.

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Sitting under the direct sunlight can be rather sweltering, especially if you are in the stands at a baseball game. I decided to dress as light and loose as possible in a swing dress from Aritzia and a denim shirt tied around my waist. I tried to channel fall colours but an airy summer feel so I didn’t pass out from the heat. The denim shirt was also a great addition for when the clouds came out and the temperature dropped 10 degrees.

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I am a huge Nike fan and will live and die by the Roshes (pronounced row-she). My black out pair goes with everything is always a cute addition to an outfit to give it more of an athletic vibe.

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Last but not least is my Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel. When going to any sporting event a huge question is the bag you can carry. Some stadiums only allow a wallet and others are just so gross there is no way you are risking your favourite purse by bringing it. Luckily, I was just at our local field which meant I could bring any purse that I wanted and that so few people attend these games, I did not have to worry about a smushed hot dog below my seat. This is why the Rocco was the best choice for me. The studs on the bottom allow it to sit up right and the long strap makes it easy and comfortable to carry.


3 thoughts on “October 5th, 2015

  1. Love this outfit, it definitely has a fun, athletic vibe, perfect for a sporting event. I also feel ya on the weather, here in Los Angeles it seems like we never really get fall, its just summer all year with a couple weeks of some chilly weather sometime in January. Oh well!
    – Jessica
    Miss Moore Style

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