Past the Post

It’s definitely on every Canadian’s sports fan’s radar right now; the fact that our boys in blue are on their way to a very exciting October. It’s been a long 22 years since the Jays have even touched the idea of making it past regular season, this creating a vibe of insanity and true Canadian pride, much similar to when the Raptors began their journey back to the championship. Canada has this uncanny ability to support everything and everyone that wears our flag. The phrase #WETHENORTH is nothing but true.

Donaldson, Price, Bautista, Smoak, Tulowitzki are some of the names that have changed everything for this team and for an entire ball club and country.

SP-JAYS27MAY TORONTO, ON - MAY 27 - Blue Jays starting pitcher Mark Buehrle delivers in the 1st inning as the Toronto Blue Jays take on the Atlanta Braves at the Rogers Centre on May 27, 2013. Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star
Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star

It’s a very exciting time regardless of today’s somewhat enactment of batting practice against the Rays, not that it was entirely Buehrle, the two errors didn’t help the situation at all. The Jays are now second in the league but that wasn’t the real story of today. Buehrle missed his chance to throw 200 innings, 15 years in a row and also was left off the play off roster but it was a true vision of respect when he walked out onto the field after only one day of rest. Rumours of retirement are spreading but who knows at this point, even if Buehrle says he’s thinking about it, baseball is baseball and it’s really unpredictable (wow shocker). He’s been a huge asset to the club and unbelievably classy, his comments regarded disappointment but also agreement that they made the right decision, proving that this guy really gets it. It was definitely, even though the score might have not shown it, a really special night for the Jays.

Everything gets real this Thursday though, as the boys take on the Rangers at home. It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here and Canada is absolutely ready.


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