October Obstreperous

I hate predicting things because there is the possibility of me being wrong and I can’t really handle that very often so this is a rare event. Today I am posting my 2015 MLB Post Season bracket. So for March Madness I know it’s a thing to keep it in a bracket format and I’m gonna bring that on over here. If I get maybe 75% of this right, I’ll explain to all of you each of my reasons but until then, here is a photo depicting the future of this season in my opinion with absolutely so explanations whatsoever!


I may have a soft spot for my boys in blue but in all honesty I think the offence of the Jays will absolutely shine through this season and get them all the way but not quite there. Just saying.

I still love you, Donaldson but I can’t live in a false reality. I’m totally open to you proving me wrong though! Won’t complain!

P.S. If you want to comment on the word choice of obstreperous, go ahead. You find me a word similar to madness that starts with an O. Even though there is probably a word that’s really obvious and I just haven’t thought of, there is no need to make me feel bad. Thank you.


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