The 7th Inning

Canada was closed for 9 innings yesterday and it was sure worth it. It was the first post season series in Toronto since 93′ and it was tied at 2-2. I can definitely say for myself and probably most of the north, we could barely sit still. With the way the boys were hitting, the vibe was real in Roger’s Centre and in all honesty, the stadium probably didn’t even see this much excitement hosting a One Direction concert. Baseball captured Canada and no one was complaining.

I have been watching the game for most of my life and I can’t say with a straight face that I have ever witnessed anything that would compare to that 7th inning. The first 4 games of the series had been pretty tame, in a way, okay not really, but still nothing like that inning. Tulowitzki’s homer on Sunday to save the game was awesome, the hitting frenzy on Thanksgiving was pretty wild too but still, nothing like that inning.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.46.12 PM

It started off with Odor hitting a double, he was now in scoring position to take the lead of this tied game. Martin goes to throw the ball back to Sanchez as nonchalantly as possible but instead hits Choo’s bat, knocking it the opposite way and allowing Odor to score. The rules state though, if the batter is standing in the batter’s box and he or his bat is stuck by the catcher’s throw back to the pitcher (or throw in attempting to retire a runner) and, in the umpire’s judgment, there is no intent on the part of the batter to interfere with the throw, the ball is alive and in play. Even throughout contest, the run counted and here we are down 3-2.

Now, obviously the stadium went nuts; throwing beer cans and basically anything in people’s hands. Okay well, I watched the game and there were probably 15 cans on the field and basically the entire world is overreacting. This is the first time in some people’s lifetimes that the Jay’s have participated in the post season and to lose game 5 on a technicality would be just a little rattling. Canadians can’t always be pure class, let us have our 18 minute delay.

So it’s the bottom of the 7th now and you could probably cut the tension with one of those deathly cans. Martin was up to bat and probably feeling pretty crappy considering his error earlier but I guess someone was looking out for him cause Andrus couldn’t really get the whole ball in glove concept together and now Martin is on first. So that should have been 1 out.

Goins is up and finally hits something, straight to Moreland, who chucks it to Andrus, who still is struggling with this catching idea. Hypothetical 2nd out.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 1.02.18 PM

Pillar bunts and Beltre tosses it to, guess who, Andrus at third. Luckily, for all of us Jay’s fans, the guy just can’t catch the hang of closing his hand around the ball. I guess third time isn’t the charm. Hypothetical 3rd out.

The inning should be over now but nope, none out and Revere is up. He hits to first and Moreland gets Pompey out at home who then continues to slide and take out Gimenez’s feet to keep the bases loaded. The play was challenged but no results. I think we are at 4 outs now? 5 if you think Pompey was off of the baseline.

This is where it truly got weird. Donaldson pops up over Odor’s head which should have been an easy catch. The key word there was easy. It goes over Odor’s glove, Pillar scores, tying the game and Texas gets a single out at second. The out total is now at 7, I believe.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.49.20 PM

So there are two official outs now and Bautista is up to bat and in a fairy tale fashion, he hits a 3 run homer with a bat flip to end all bat flips. He increases the lead to 3 runs, without lack of support from the dug out.

The benches cleared twice and some unauthorized butt patting occurred but all in all this game was beautiful and just reinforced how much I love baseball.

(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)
(Tom Szczerbowski/Getty)

The king of the 6ix, Jose Bautista, finally got his turn and Canada finally got to watch. He now is up in the ranks with Joe Carter and his ’93 walk off and the country couldn’t be prouder of it’s 2008 signee. His controversial bat flip was nothing but revolutionary and well deserved; when you win an inning like that, go ahead, if you disagree, I’m sorry you lost.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.43.18 PM

Over all though, I still think my favourite moment of this entire game was Buehrle. He’s not even on the roster and he finally got ejected from the game after running out THREE times on the field. Nothing like never quitting, eh?


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