What’s in my school bag?

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I am probably the most unorganized person to ever live but when it comes to my school bag, I am an absolute neat freak. I have to have as little in it as I possible can, or else it drives me absolutely nuts. So when I went to photograph for this post, I realized that well, it’s actually going to be quite boring so I might as well give some tips to how I keep so little with me.

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The most important things I have with me are my books. For my classes tonight, I have two textbooks and my notebook. These interchange often and I always take them out when I get home. My day planner is my entire life though, without it I would probably have failed out of school the second it started. If I ever lost it I don’t know what I would do.

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I also keep a journal with me to write in whenever I feel it. It’s a simple moleskin one from Indigo that I have had since ninth grade. I don’t write often, so it’s actually quite the interesting collection of entries from 13 year old me to 18 year old me. The different boys that I have written about is very humorous and honestly if I ever need a good laugh, I always turn to this for a good light hearted read.

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Little things wise, I always have a lipstick with me in the colour I am wearing that day; today it’s just a cheap, drug store, Katy Perry one in red. I have my Ray Ban aviators in a side pocket all the time. I bought these when I was 16 and have worn them everyday since. Definitely a good purchase.

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I also have my bracelet USB drive that I got from a concert I photographed a while back. It was free and so useful cause it can just hook onto anything. Last but not least for my little things, I have a pair of tweezers, an elastic and a bobby pin.

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Next, as everyone does, I have my wallet along with some business cards. Pretty standard. I would go through what’s in my wallet but it consists of my ID, a debit card and a Visa so nothing too interesting.

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For electronics, I have my laptop with my brand new marble case which I adore and my slightly cracked iPhone 5S. I hate phone cases for some reason so you probably don’t need to ask me why it’s cracked; I have slippery fingers.

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I also just unzipped a pocket and found all my pens and an iPod nano that I use for working out.

There we are, everything I carry with me to school on a daily basis. I guess to keep myself with as minimal things as possible, I tend to empty my bag everyday when I get home. I take out the things I don’t need and replace them with the things I do. If I ever have garbage or anything I throw it out when I get home. Nothing irritates me more than having useless things to carry around everyday. I like to have my bag light and nearly empty. Basically, I don’t consider my bag a place to store things. Each thing in my bag has a spot of it’s own in my room and I just use my bag as temporary transportation. This way nothing ever gets too cluttered and lost in the black hole that I know handbags can become.


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