Goins Steps Up


“My grandma told me she loved me, so that was good.”

Goins had quite the turn around today at Roger’s Centre, in comparison to his game 2 fall out. With a two-run single in the second and a solo homer in the fifth, Goins may have possibly redeemed himself. A .087 average in the post season is nothing to brag about but lets be honest, Canada is a pretty forgiving nation and Goins could simply have just hit a single that led to no runs and we still would have been extremely proud.

And then, with Donaldson hitting a single to bring Goins home, he was welcomed into the dugout with nothing but appreciation.

That’s the cool thing about sports, grudges aren’t really a thing. If you play well, you are okay, you can make up for your bad performances. Goins said he heard something before he didn’t go for the ball in game 2. There was no lack of effort on his part, just an honest to God mistake. He took the blame in a very classy way too after the game, proving the strength of his character.

I could truly gush on and on about every Jays player but today it’s Goins turn and he has gained a pretty special spot in Canada’s heart which was in need of a good ol’ second baseman.


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