Balmain for H&M


H&M hit the gold mine of fashion collabs this year, with their Balmain x H&M collection coming out Nov. 5th. Celebrity endorsers such as Kylie and Kendall Jenner have truly brought this launch to a whole new level as well.

I love the idea of common stores working together with high end designers but not when the prices begin to resemble the designers more than the store. H&M x Balmain pieces are priced to up as high as $649.00. I can’t even fathom that. If I am going to buy something designer and at that price, there is no way I am purchasing it from a store like H&M. I am going to go to Holt Renfrew or Nordstrom and get the treatment I would deserve for spending almost $700.00.


The pieces for H&M are gorgeous for sure but it pains me to think that they will just be sitting on a rack that a high school student could be taking care of. My 3 week pay check from work could be lying on the ground of the store, as a kid accidentally pulls it off its hanger. I can’t justify even looking twice at these products. I am pretty disappointed in H&M, If I am completely honest. Target has had multiple collabs with high end designers and never once have I seen prices that high. I can absolutely justify spending a couple hundred on a piece that is real leather or just overall very detailed from a collab but I draw the line there.


Now, I am sure that H&M will not have a single issue selling anything from their Balmain collection and probably most of it will go on eBay, marked up 130%. In my opinion though, these prices are almost an insult to avid H&M shoppers. I know for sure I will not be purchasing a single piece that’s over $50, as a sort of protest, that won’t really be a great protest because I am one in 10 million shoppers.

Even though I might, I want to pretend I won’t because it makes me seem like I have strong morals. So let me keep lying to myself!


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