The Power of Food

I can’t be anymore straight forward than this, I love to eat out, absolutely love it. I adore going to a new restaurant and being served delicious plates of food that I didn’t have to make.

I met a group of friends in grade 12, who also shared a passion for eating out so I can tell you that did not help my case in refraining from restaurants. It sort of became a thing we would do, we would meet up for dinner on a Friday night before going out. We would meet on a random weekday to get together and bond over food. I honestly think our relationship throughout this year would not have been nearly as strong if we didn’t do this.


I always see people say one of the ways to save money is to eat at home. I hate seeing that. I hate seeing people disregard what going out with people to eat can do to relationships. Yes, totally stop grabbing a tea at a coffee shop in the morning. It’s $2.50 you don’t need to spend, but never stop meeting your girlfriends at Cibo for a glass of wine (okay I’ll be drinking a vodka cran because I’m allergic to grapes but you do you) and pasta, never stop going to McDonalds after a basketball game to hang out. These times together are something you should cherish rather than see as a negative affect to your bank account. Food, as it has since day one, brings people together. Why do you do dinner as a date? Because no one is about to sit across from each other for a couple of hours, and discuss everything from their childhood to their position on the Keystone Pipeline BUT if you add a burger and fries, you might just get that information out of them.

Food is a connector. Coming home after a crazy night out then sitting with your girlfriends reminiscing about your actions over a pizza is the best part of the night. Seeing people’s faces light up when you walk in with two bags of Chinese food. It’s kind of dumb to think about but I guess, food is a bond between people.

Honestly, I can’t say where this article was meant to go but I was just thinking about how many times I have had great evenings sitting in a restaurant, whether it’s fast food or a fancy place downtown. I don’t consider spending my money on food constantly to be a waste. I never will.

So maybe this is a response to all those money saver articles that tell you to not eat out anymore. I’m gonna say don’t listen to that. Obviously, you should do everything in moderation, but don’t cut restaurants out of your life. They are so much more than just a place to eat too many calories.


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