Although not something new, minimalistic fashion is still thriving every season. The look of toned colours paired with simple silhouettes is a classic look that has become a staple throughout most runways.


One of my favourite adaptations of this style, is by the style bloggers themselves. I live for simplicity. I love the idea of throwing on 3 pieces of clothing and standing out. Minimalism exudes this type of vibe; this effortless, classic yet edgy feel is everything that minimalism stands for. The most successful bloggers like Danielle Bernstein (weworewhat), are strong icons for this look, alongside models like Kendall Jenner.



The quote, “less is more” is consistently relevant and everyday fashion is no exception. I’m not one to always say no to pattern but I’m way  more open to wearing a grey pullover with black jeans and I’m also not one to deny that it probably looks better.

“Go get ya leather leggings and white tees ladies! Look good without trying!”



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